The museum vice-president, Marshall Long, would like to hear from museum volunteers if they would be interested in volunteering in the museum on a Saturday or Sunday during our construction period.  You can contact Marshall by contacting us at the link above.

Over 40 volunteers maintain the various areas of the Museum, Railroad, and The Miniature Villages.  Along with a couple of pictures from our museum, we’re giving you just a sampling of the many things our volunteers made this past winter for visitors to enjoy along the train route.

Volunteers also help out with decorating and painting items for the various holidays outside.  They do a wonderful job in keeping the train route spruced up.  Other volunteers work in our museum by acting as docents and educating the public about railroading.  Others work on the train exhibits and bring new ideas to life by making dioramas or providing educational opportunities for classrooms.  We also have a scout master volunteer who helps scouts get their merit badges in Railroading.

We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our wonderful volunteers!

The main volunteer day is usually Thursday 9:00AM until 12Noon, although other hours can be arranged through our volunteer coordinator.

Applications are available in the Ticket Office upon request.